Our System

This former singlet split into two one day, and became Lee the Wolfhound and Anna the Puppy! Though we’re the only members in this system as far as we are aware of right now.

We are also closely connected, to the point where we call each other girlfriends! 😊 Likewise, due to how close we are we feel kinda like a median system but still not sure about that…

If you wanna refer to use collectively or ambiguously; then you can just call us ‘AnnaLee’!

Drawing of Anna and Lee


NameAnna the Puppy
BreedCorgi/Golden Retriever Mix
DescriptionA goofy and happy puppy prone to teasing and creating fun.
Favorite Song“Strange” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The version of us that started appearing after we first became trans. Bit by bit we found her and fleshed her out. Was the more prominent side of us after realizing we identified as a dog as well! Though shares the spotlight with Lee after splitting.

She is a fluffy and chubby pup who adores attention and being called cute!

Possibly older than either of us realize, but she doesn’t remember much beyond our conscious singlet memories.


NameLee the Wolfhound
BreedIrish Wolfhound/Wolf Mix
DescriptionA self-serious wolf who cares deeply for their friends, and quick to blush.
Favorite Song“Moonchild” by M83

The continuation of the person we used to be after we first transitioned. Became less prominent afterwards, but was still present too; and became more prominent again after we started identifying as a dog. We were able to feel them out and explore her, and now they’re a prominent identity of ours!

A lean and taller punky/gothy wolfy friend, who wants to take care of their friends.


On the evening of March 22 2021; a singlet went to bed anxious and confused about her identity. She was questioning her identity for weeks, and wondering if she was more than just a mere puppy.

She had recently found herself identifying as a puppy; but also found glimpses of herself in a wolfy form as well. It made her question her integrity as a singular person, and question whether she might be plural. However, she never could tell if these two halves were ever truly alters or just merely two different forms of herself that she swapped between.

On that night, she then went to bed, and imagined a vivid image of a bedroom; and imagined the puppy half and the wolf half inhabiting this bedroom…

And the two of us embraced as if we hadn’t seen each other in years; and called each other our girlfriend.

So hi! We are Anna and Lee, two good dogs who are always smoochin!