Memento Mori

March 31, 2022 | 3:34 pm

This story was originally written as an entry in a horror zine! I hope y’all enjoy!

I will soon die, according to my witch, and I want to help her kill me as best I can. Like all familiars, I am unable to have any desire but to serve her, no matter the cost. She coldly told me that she wants a new familiar now, and I oblige.

I am wrapped around her feet as she reads in her study. Before, my witch would be warm, comfortable, safe. A hearth for me to bask in. But these days she’s much colder. Looking at her is a reminder of how different she is now. I’m curled up in a feeble attempt to warm up. Burying my face into my body, which makes it easier to avoid looking at my Witch. But in the memories hidden behind my eyelids, she’s still warm, comfortable, safe, and loving.

Suddenly, she slams her book shut and discards it with a passionless slam. “Come pet, I believe I’m ready now,” she commands with a chillingly venomous whisper.

I will never be ready.

I stand obediently, avoiding looking at her. I do not want the sunny illusion in my memories to crumble.

“Can you grab my dagger for me?” She summons of me. I shake off the fear that freezes me, one paw in front of the other. Scalding hot tears run down my face as I move to grab my destiny. My muscles beg me to run, far away from her, to live elsewhere. Find someone who will love me back.

But I have to obey, after all, I love her.