February 18, 2021 | 6:25 pm

Hi y’all, this was a story I wrote in 2021 that was mostly done as a joke after I think somebody on a discord server made a gag about how anything could be a kink. We made a joke that even hugs can be kinky, and then wrote this as proof. Hope y’all enjoy!

clack clack clack

The living room was quiet aside from the sound of Olive’s typing…

clack clack creeeeaack

…and the squeaky floorboard behind the couch.

“Hm? Honey what’s u-”

You shoot your arms out around the huskygirl’s shoulders before she could fully turn around. You’ve caught her in your embrace.

It takes the briefest of moments before she realizes what’s happened, she lowers her head and every inch of her soft and pillowy fur stands on end.

“W-what are y-you doing…?”

“Just giving my puppy a special treat!”

“Mrrr. B-b-but I’m trying to work…”

“Yeah, you’ve been working so hard. You deserve some kind of stress relief.”

She lowers her head lower, and her fur feels warmer… Softer… And yet she’s tensing up knowing that she’s trapped in your embrace. You pet her shoulder, reminding her where your hands are. She shudders at the sensation.

“Aww, is my puppy getting all blushy?”


“Oh really, you’re so warm. It’s almost like you’re wrapped…”


“…in a tight…”



“Hrmph! Staaaaap, it’s not funny?”

“Oh what, would you have preferred me to say ‘hug’?”

Olive melts down, she tries to say something back but all that comes out is a whisper of a growl. Muffled by the hands she is hiding behind. Her fur feels so warm, and softer as she puffs out more. Your own personal cloud, made helpless and docile by her deepest button.


She loves being trapped, kept helpless and meek by two arms holding her. Feeling the warmth of another body so close. She fucking love hugs it drives her wild.

“Oh? Did I hit a sore spot? Does puppy not like it when I give her hugs?”


“Hm? She wants me to stop?”

“No! Want!”

“Oh so she does admit it! Puppy does want… hugs?”


“She likes to be held, trapped in place, feeling my big strong arms hold her? Make her mine?”


“You want this don’t you. You wanna let go, just sink into my arms. Feel like the helpless little puppy you are.”


“Oh? Can’t speak? Maybe I gotta make it nicer, warmer, and tighter?”


Your arms release Olive from the trance, she looks at you, longingly. She needed that hug, she is desperate for it. Pained that you took it away oh so soon. Those eyes grow bigger once she realizes that you’re only moving around the couch, and closer once again to her.

You straddle on top of her lap, watching her eyes grow wider as she realizes what’s gonna happen. First you grab her by the wrists, and place them between yourselves. Her breath grows heavy. You lean in close, pressing your entire body up against hers. Trapping those arms between yourselves. She moans in embarrassment. Finally the husky girl is entrapped when your arms reach across her shoulder blades, and now she squirms.

She can’t help it, the claustrophobia of this hug makes her desire freedom; she needs to get out now. Yet you both know she craves this, the fear makes it all the more exciting; she admitted it on a warm and vulnerable night not too long ago…

“What’s wrong puppy, you don’t like being trapped in my big strong arms?”

She couldn’t even reply, she’s forced into a feral and instinctive state. Her wordless protests and moans say “fight”; but her limp squirms and weak effort imply “freeze”.

“Come on, you’re barely even putting up a fight! What, are you really enjoying being wrapped up in my arms?”

Olive froze for real.

“Come one babe, it’s okay to like this. You enjoy my hugs, feeling how warm and strong I am around you. Just admit it already.”


“Come on hugslut, use your words.”

Slumping down and shrinking, she whispers, “I want to be hugged…”

“Please, I know you like it more than that.”

“I…” she chokes on her words, “I want… T-to be… h-held!”

“I know, but I didn’t say ‘hold’ I said ‘hug’. I want to hear you say it.”


“Say it again.”

Driven in a furious trance of abandon, she shouts, “HUG ME.”

You squeeze her tighter. “Again.”

She tenses up, vainly trying to curl up into a ball, “HUG ME.”

You use all your strength to crush her. “Again hugslut.”

She convulses as she screams out, “HUAAAAUGH MEEEEEEEEE”.

Olive’s hips buck as she climaxes. Unlike before, you have to hold on tight to keep on top of her. Every single muscle in her body spasms in ecstasy with each wave of embarrassing delight. The fact that she can’t move an inch due to another person’s dominating affection just drives her even more wild. The fact that she’s giving in to her most hidden desire makes her feel even more humiliated, and hot. Each thrust and grind grows weaker than the last, until she is left in a sweaty and fiery mess.

You grab the fan, and a chilled mat from the freezer, and lay Olive on top to keep her from overheating.

“Good puppy, you had a really good time didn’t you?”


“And you really liked it how I held you down in my arms.”


“You aren’t a slut, you know that. You’re just a sweet puppy that I’ll always love.”

“But… what if I wanna be a slut?”

“Well then, I guess I gotta give you a lot more hugs then.”

“Jerk”, she says with a giggle. “I could have just given you a blowjob instead.”

“Yeah, but a hard working dog like you needs a break too.”

“I love you… jerk,” she says with a blush.