The Alyxcule

February 19, 2021 | 9:01 am

This was a story I wrote as a gift to a friend back in 2021 a cute story that we’re still proud of and we hope y’all enjoy!

synths: why do you hesitate?

human: it’s… uh…

s: is our methods unappealing?

h: No. I want to have a synth body too…

s: perhaps it is whom in habits our bodies?

h: No! You’re all lovely, and I want to join…

s: we do not understand. what do you possibly find distasteful of joining us?

h: I’m… scared… what if I regret it… what if I don’t want to lose myself…

s: we. see. sorry. give us a moment to decouple.

. *a feminine robotic shark comes to life towering at 7 feet tall; they begin by testing creaking joints and motors. Before bouncing towards you with a big smile.* .

🦈: ohmygod I'm SO sorry that took so long-you would not believe the kind of arguements going on right now! I mean like we have to comfort Alyx's RSD, and Jack is just trying to make sure you're comfortable, but Moss is—OHMYGOD I HAVEN'T INTRODUCED MYSELF PROPERLY! Uh, hi I'm Camilla!

h: o-oh? H-hi?

🦈: `so I’m here because I was just like you. I was scared of joining Alyx’s polycule too! But I haven’t regretted it, not one bit!!

Like, I was afraid of losing my body. I mean I didn’t actually like how it looked, but I spent a long time working on it! Heck I even injected some chemicals into my butt to make me look better! But anyways when I found out the Alyxcule liked me I wasn’t sure if I should join too. But when I was told I could be a kickass giant shark I couldn’t turn them down!`

h: Did… did you get to choose?

🦈: Choose? Of course! The Alyxcule is too scared of making somebody upset to not give them what they want most! Heck, you see those synth bodies along the wall there? Well Brick wanted to be a bull, and Jack wanted to be that femboy there, and that Hajime Sorayama body belongs to H-1123— oh but this could go all day. Anyways do you wanna know how they do it?

h: Y-yes please.

🦈: Ohoho~ the human *is* interested! Hey everybody, I told you that would work! Oh, uh, sorry just because we're together all the time doesn't mean we all think the same.

But anyways, it's a slow process. We start by implanting an antenna into your spine, just a small an inconspicuous one. But it allows us to talk to you, and vice versa. Think of it as an extended meet-and-greet. Then once you get used to us all and can fully consent to becoming a part of our polycule; then you come back here and get into one of the pods those synths are inside!

h: Then I get to get a new body…

🦈: kinda... it's more like we change your body... like the Alyxcule uses nanites to deconstruct your body atom-by-atom. We take some nutrients for ourselves, and then they reconstruct your old body into a better form!

h: W-wait! Does that mean you… eat me?

🦈: Hmm... I guess if you put it that way... I suppoe so. We do use those nutrients for maintaining the Alyxcule. But of course we only take what we need. Spare neurons, electrolytes, and a bit of amino acids. But we honestly don't need that much!

Anyways, we try to keep as much original matter to reconstruct your body. But it's kinda difficult to make a human body look like a shark! That's why there's quite a bit of synthetic bits in our bodies. We reuse as much as we can, just 'cause it feels nice to have a continuity of body image. But of course I feel a lot better knowing I look like... well... "me" much more than knowing my DNA still exists somewhere in here.

h: oh… wow…

s: Camilla, are you done yet?

🦈: awww, does somebodies miss little ol' me? Just gimme a sec to check in with the newbie! Alyxcule likes to play at being a big dispassionate god, but they're really just a ball of nerves just cuddlin' and reassuring one another. But we always love to have new friends to comfort and love! So what do you say newbie?

h: I… I want to join you all.

🦈: wonderful! so all ya gotta do is stand in that empty pod at the end; and Alyx will take care of the rest. Okay?

s: Camilla.

🦈: I'll be back when you stop pretending that you don't miss me!

s: ...

🦈: ...

s: I miss you sharkie...

🦈: dawww, good nerd. Imma come back in two secs. Just gotta do somethin' . *the shark wraps her towering form around you, and lowers her head down to your ear* . Now newbie. If you ever get cold feet, or just wanna take some more time to decide, just let us know. We don't wanna make you do anything you don't wanna do; this is a big change and we just wanna make it easy for you. Mmkay?

h: Okay!

. *She leads you towards an empty pod, helping you stand right in place. She stares you right in the eyes, with a deep concern before asking one last time…* .

🦈: you sure you wanna do this?

h: I’m sure.

. *your neck feels cold, then numb. You can feel something moving there, but in terms of actual sensation it’s almost as if somebody put an ice pack on the back of your neck. Then, a cacophony of noise proliferates in your head… it’s difficult to understand… until you begin to grasp at bits and pieces of… not quite words but emotion? information? You feel… welcomes from a number of… places? faces? It all fades when a single frail, yet recognizable, digital voice finally overwhelms the noise.* .

s: hello, i am alyx, i am joyful to finally meet you consciously. i hope you have a desire to stay with all of us here. to help you feel more comfortable. what form do you want most?

🦊: I would like to be a beautiful fox.