Massive Bear Month

“I fucking hate the fall equinox.”

“I just means I get to fucking miss Halloween again.” Ursa continued, downing a tallboy of pumpkin spice apple cider between thoughts. “’Cause I fuckin get so big and lazy I can’t help but sleep through it.”

Her friends knew that was true, in a sense; but a massive downplaying of what actually happens.

But like last year, and the year before that, and the year before that; her appetite exploded. Which meant that there is a big bowl of “party sized” poutine acting as a side to T-Bone Steak and a whole rack of ribs in front of her.

Everybody else just got salad. Lest they have a repeat of last year when she begged everybody for their food when she finished the “Mother of All Burgers” in record time.

“I mean, it’s my favorite fucking holiday. Yet I’m the fucking big tiddy goth gf who fucking sleeps through halloween.”

She certainly has big fat tits, also big fat ass and thighs and just fat everything. Like clockwork she started to pack on the pounds, it’s only been a week since the equinox but it looks like she’s put on over 50 pounds already.

Bite by bite, whine by whine the evening dragged on as Ursa’s friends gave their farewell dinner to her. Knowing it’ll be 6 months before they see her again.

Ursa had to drag herself out of bed, early October wasn’t as bad as it could be. But still, the urge to be lazy was too strong. She hadn’t shaved her legs, face, arms, and body in a bit and it’s starting to get real thick. Too thick to shave it feels like. It’ll take at least a couple hours to shave a pelt this thick now…

Maybe she’ll just try and work from home for right now.

But first, breakfast. She grabbed the box of corn flakes, and emptied the entire full box into a large bowl; and emptied a full carton of milk into it. 3%, because it doesn’t feel as filling with anything less.

With a lazy breakfast readied, Ursa then sat in her chair… which feels to be rapidly shrinking. It feels like her ass is hanging off the sides, and her legs hitting the underside of the table. Still, she was hungry, sleepy, and cranky. At this point she could figure out the problem another time, hunger and tiredness could be figured out later.

“Spirit Halloween: For all your stealth kink wear needs!” She typed into twitter. It seems like one of the few things that she could handle right now was laying in bed, yawning, and looking at her phone. The few times she got up in the day was to go to the bathroom and grab delivery dropped at her door.

Still, it was clumsy and hard to even type that out. Her fat clumsy paws-fat clumsy claws-fat clumsy thumbs had a hard time typing recently. Especially with how it felt like her phone was shrinking. I mean it wasn’t. Phones don’t shrink. But like, it felt like it. Must be some kind of illusion caused by using it for so long.

“Wait, when the fuck was the last time I went to Spirit?” She thought to herself. It had been years, she really wanted to go. But the idea of leaving her bed right now was exhausting, so much easier to tweet shitposts than shave and get dressed and get ready and then go aaaall the way to the nearest Spirit…

Here, she was cozy and warm. Covered in her fur-furry blanket. So warm she could slee-


‘Oh. Delivery. Fuck I’m hungry.’ The lazy bea-girl thought. Wrapping herself in her furry blanket, and lumbering towards her door. Each step resulting in a soft thud, almost hitting her head on the door frames along the way. Getting hungrier, and more annoyed with all the effort she has to expend just to eat. Wishing she could just ask for the food to be delivered right to her bed.

After making sure nobody would see her hairy-ass body. She pokes a paw out and quickly grabs the four bags of the feast she’s eating. A ‘one of everything’ from her favorite fast food joint. Time to go back to bed and fall into a food coma.

“Blugh, what day is it?” she asked nobody as she fumbled her overly long claws against the screen of her phone. October 30th. Still hadn’t slept through Halloween yet!

“Oh he-yeeeaaaaawwwn-hell yes.”

She was going to make sure she gets to experince Halloween this year. She’s gonna call somebody to make sure she is going to be awake enough tomorrow.

Mina walked up to Ursa’s place. Anxious. There was an odd sound coming from inside, blaring and loud. Like sawing mixed with a monster’s roar.

“Why would somebody play creepy sounds this loud inside their house?”

She knocked on the door, only to find it wasn’t latched at all. Swinging wide open with the first tap of her knuckles. The sound got a lot louder.

“U-Ursa? Is that you? Your door is open.”

No answer.

Mina stepped further into the dark apartment. Inside it looks like a disaster, messes and clutter left carelessly everywhere. Light all off and the curtains drawn. “Ursa must really be depressed…”

She walked towards the noise. Leading towards a bedroom. Floor lined with haphazardly discarded fast food. She opened the door, feeling a bassy rumble that put her on edge. That sound feels too loud, too real to be a recording.

She opened the bedroom door.

Huge. Massive. Furry.

That’s what she saw piled atop the bed. Just a mass covered in a fur blanket. Draping off the sides of the king-sized bed. The sound was coming from the pile.

The pile was moving.

Slowly, rising and falling and… breathing? Snoring?

“Oh fuck it’s alive.” Mina thought.

What the fuck happened? Where the fuck is Ursa?

A thud froze her in her tracks. Something fell off the pile. It was an… arm? A paw???

Mina traced with her eyes the other end of the arm. Finding a familiar robot cat plush tucked into the armpit. Nearby that was a streak of silver blonde hair, just like on Ursa.

Haunted by the spectre of curiosity Mina stepped closer, around the bed. Seeing much more clearly a full image of the “pile”, it is alive, it is breathing. It is a giant fucking bear.

And it is probably Mina.

She moved closer to the bear, fascinated by the sheer size of her. Laying down, the mass towered above her. Standing up she might be over ten feet. But likewise she was… well massive. Chunky. Fat.

Just a ball of fur, quivering and shifting with each breath and adjustment. Laying and sleeping, and so very peaceful.

Mina wasn’t about to poke the bear.

Yet, she couldn’t ignore what happened. This giant fucking bear was sleeping in their friend’s bed. The giant fucking bear turns their head. It has Ursa’s lip ring.

Oh fuck it’s Ursa.

…and the kittybot plushie fell out of her arm. Something in her stirred, wanting to help the helpless bear, she stepped forwards to replace the plush. Gently placing it within the bear’s arm.

Suddenly, that arm wraps around Mina, pulling her close to the bear into a cuddle. Like a replacement for the plush. Dwarfed by the bear, the small Mina felt like a plush too. Barely stretching across the belly, she held still, scared of stirring the bear. But as moments passed, she couldn’t notice how much she sunk into fur, the fat. How soft a bed that Ursa made. How strong those paws wrapped around her are. How warm and cozy she is.

She could stand to lay there, just for a little bit. Maybe take a nap.

Ursa missed Halloween that year.