My first Twine narrative

August 11, 2021 | 2:11 pm


I did something stupid.

I decided that I wanna make a game/story/kinetic fiction using Twine.

Why did I do this? Well… a combination of depression borne from personal drama. A long-term desire to make a game-slash-narrative experience. And a potential project falling through with somebody some time ago.

Okay. So why am I making a Twine game specifically?

Because I was inspired by this story that a close friend sent me. Ramiel by @NONBINARY.

It featured great writing, and excellent use of Twine to create a kinesthetic experience that made the underlying narrative much more impactful. Likewise the subject matter also resonated quite deeply as a plural trans dogs.

So much so that I’m going to rip it off.

I don’t have much experience with Twine, and have only played a handful of titles over the last 12 years of Twine’s existence. But, I’m hoping to play some more to take inspiration; and hopefully have the help of others to improve it to where I can be proud of it.

I don’t wanna outline too much of the plot (mostly because I don’t have a plot outline in my head). But I wanna take a semi-autobiographical approach; where events and thoughts will be based on my own. But tweaked to be fictionalized and make a better narrative than the real thing.

So far ideas include;

If you’re a friend, I would love inputs and ideas on this and maybe to bounce my writing off of you!