About Us

Hello, we are AnnaLee! For a description of the two of us separately as a system, click here!

As a collective, we are a trans woman in our late 20’s who is a computer janitor for a day job; and does creative little things like writing, making music, and programming in our spare time! We sadly don’t read as many books as we should, but we’re trying to fix that some. Our favorite language to use is Rust btw!

We are also poly and we have quite a few friends and partners! But we’re also asexual and aromantic, which is a bit confusing but in the end we just know we like some people and being around them makes us happy and them happy in turn! We’re married to a partner we live with (whom we’re keeping secret for privacy reasons)! But one of our other favorite people is our monsterous wife Nyx! We also have a mouse gf and a butchy drone gf too! And lots of others too! We love our partners!

We love watching anime and playing video games. Here’s a random list of what we enjoy of each.

We have a Twitter, also an itch.io!


video games


We also love music! Our favorite instrument is electric guitar (specifically a J Mascis Signature Squier Jazzmaster played through a Vox amp). We really like shoegaze and alt rock in a similar vein. Also gothy music too! If it’s loud and beautiful then we’ll probably love it!!

Here’s some bands we love (and a playlist of all of the songs linked below!);