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Hi we’re Anna and Lee, we’re a sapphic, transgender, demisexual, asexual, aromantic, polyamorous, plural, therian tinkerer with ADHD!

We’re dogs, and you can use she/they pronouns for us! You can find more info on our system page!

This is a personal blog of ours where we’ll drop ideas, writings, and projects we’re working on. It’s goal is just to get ideas out of our head and hopefully make us more mindful of ideas and goals of ours! 😊

Hopefully this gets use and stuff! 💛

This site was wholly designed and created by us, using a static site generator of our own design (md_puppy) and all the CSS done by ourselves (using some examples from the internet, like a true programmer!).


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SoftAnnaLee Banner

We’re Trans!We’re lesbiansWe’re asexual!We’re aromantic!We’re cyberdogs!We made this website ourselves!We’re CanadianWe use firefox!We are Rustaceans!We use Neovim!We use UbuntuThis site has no cookies!We’re forever onlineWe’re a tab hoarder!Graphic Design is our passionAnime is gay as hell but we approve!We support anime tummy!Lets love Lain!We love Yume NikkiHosted on NeocitiesPink marble is pretty!

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